I’m Back! + Review of Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

Hey bloggers! I’m back. I’m still alive and reading. Still making my way through Steinbeck’s books slowly but surely. Freshly off a reread of Cannery Row, thought I’d share some thoughts and get back into the habit of posting reviews. I also may look to dip into more things entertainment related– more books, music, movies, television. Just figuring out how I want to go about it. So stay tuned! And though I haven’t been active on here in awhile I have been very active on Instagram for all my bookstagrammers out there. Hit me up and we can chat books!


Anyway, some quick thoughts on Cannery Row:


My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars 

Page Count: 185

Date Finished: March 13, 2018


Cannery row is still as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than the first time I read this. Even more excited to read Sweet Thursday now, the book’s sequel. While returning to this I noticed more of the jokes that are sometimes easy to miss because the satire that’s hidden under a cloak of seriousness. Mac and the boys are endlessly entertaining, sometimes frustrating, but so endearing. The book has a cozy quality about it, which is recurring for Steinbeck, but I think this is an example of him really honing in on it. It also has a damp, fishy, sort of dreary quality to it–at least that’s how I perceive it. But I think what makes it cozy it not just because the atmosphere makes you want to curl up by the fire, but the quality of the characters makes you feel so comforted. Mac and the boys want so desperately to do something nice for Doc the whole time but all they seem to do is take from him. But yet I feel sorry for them because they are so sincere in their efforts, not sorry for Doc who might wish they would just leave him alone. One of my favorite Steinbeck books at this point.


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