About Me

Hello All! Welcome to my blog. I’m Ian. I’m an ordinary dude who likes to read and talk about books. I have no academic background in literature, but rather an interest taken up after my time in college. You can expect reviews of all kinds of books, but mostly literary fiction, classics, and historical fiction. I would like to also get in the habit of reading some more non-fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

Aside from books, I’m simply a fan of all things entertainment. Music is a huge part of my life and gets me through anything. I could sit on Spotify and create playlists for hours and get completely lost in the music, sort of like with a good book. Film and Television are more forms of entertainment that I cannot get enough of. I compulsively check Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB before deciding on a movie and have to fight myself to look past scathing reviews. I do love to watch the film adaptation of books that I’ve read if they exist. You may see an occasional post relating to these other hobbies of mine, but right now I’m mostly book oriented on here.

Finally, I’m a huge basketball fan, particularly of professional basketball. The Philadelphia 76ers are my team and I fully trust their process through and through. They are on the rise so get yourself ready to hear about them all over the web.

Alright enough about me. Take a look around, try your best to enjoy reading my reviews, and don’t be afraid to comment. Finding people who share a passion for books is something I will never get tired of, no matter their tastes.

One additional note: When I rate something 3 of 5 stars this is relatively good. This means I liked it. It doesn’t necessarily mean I think that’s how “good” the book is, but that’s the level of excitement it brought me. If I rate something 5 of 5 stars you better believe this book changed me, will stick with me, and will be re-read down the road.

Best wishes!



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